I have owned an 83, 84, and this is my third 85! I always wanted to own a convertible, but in my old age it seemed like restoring a Barritz Coup was a better idea.  I found one on Offer-Up for a really good price and Liz said go ahead and get it!  We took it over to our mechanic Shannon and it turned out that almost everything needed replacing under the hood, and most of the interior too.  While we were sitting there talking to Shannon, he was searching on Craigslist and found this one in Glendale.  The guy was asking a few hundred more than I wanted to pay so I wished him luck and stopped looking. On the way home, I got an email saying that he would accept the $1,200 that I had. 

Turns out that he was in the used car business and had picked this one up to flip it for $2k.  He had a lot of the normal crank and scam calls typical on Craigslist, and had three people come and look at it.  They all wanted him to replace the interior and he didn't have the cash to do it.  His loss, my gain.

As I can afford it, I am going to restore this classic, with a body color change to Corvette Admiral Blue Metallic.  I will document the process here as I go along.

The first thing I had to do was remove a door lock cylinder in order to get a key made, as I did not get a door or trunk key with the car ($50 lockout charge when I took it to Autozone for a gas cap and foolishly locked it).  I had ordered a haines manual so it had all the instructions needed to remove the lock.  After trying for over half an hour to get the retaining clip off, I called the local GM dealer and asked what they would charge to remove the clip for me. $60 was the answerso I took it over to the old house and had my handy man James Nobles give it a try.  After cuttin two fingers and a wrist, he got it out. $25 for a pair of keys to be made by the local locksmith.

This is the color I want

The body is perfect except for four little dings.  The rear seats and the door panels are perfect except the driver side which has two little cracks. The paint and upholstry work will be done in Mexico.  I found a company that makes replacement dash pieces for $151. The color was an Elvis Special with banana on the outside and peanut butter inside.

      Here are some pictures of what I am up against:

The Front seats will have to be redone and I will have to find a driver door-panel somewhere. The cruise control is intermittent and the air condition/heat system has a vacuum leak in the control system. The muffler has holes in it (Sounds really great) and there is a fluid leak on the driveway that I have not investigated  yet.