PawPrints is an
Animal Rights supporter.  A portion of every ID flash sale will be donated to the ASPCA.

Our time spent on handling the sales, shipping and the customizing of your tag add up quickly

Our only competitor (PETSAFE Micro I.D. RESCUE COLLAR)
no longer sells them.

Bluetooth pet tags only work if your dog is within the Bluetooth range of your phone.

Even the tracker, worn by our beautiful spokesmodel, has changed from GPS tracking to a cell phone tracker.  The battery in the new tracking device lasts less than 3 days, so you would have only a short time to find your dog.

We also offer a one-year unconditional warranty/maintenance with the option to make any changes to your unit for one year.
Maintenance/warranty is $4.95 per year

This is our drive model.  It is rugged construction and will come with a
split-ring for
attaching to your
dog's collar

PawPrints USB Drive

Warranty - $4.95